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I mean, since you're here...

Ahoy! I’m Matt Fitzgerald, founder and principal of, a high-touch digital shop that specializes in

helping justice-centered campaigns and mission-driven leaders deliver on potential. From campaign design to product strategy, we build networks, amplify causes, and turn attention into impact. 

As a kid I grew up knee-deep in trouble on the foggy shores of the San Francisco Bay and never got tired of asking the three questions that kids love and parents detest: “why?” “why?” and “why?” The upshot of this patience-bending routine is an unshakeable curiosity about what really works to create change. 

My professional work in the social sector began in high school when I volunteered with the United Farm Workers. While copying pamphlets and handing out sandwiches to strikers, I realized that the movements for justice that so inspired me had been built and strengthened by bold nonprofits. 

Today, after having worked with sector-leading nonprofits from to Consumer Reports, I recognize that change doesn’t belong to any one tax status. Rather, it’s a commitment you make every day to apply your analysis of power - who has it, who doesn’t, and who should have more of it - into the heart of how your work gets done. 

Technology, storytelling and modern campaigning present leaders with more opportunities than ever to bring massive numbers of people into shared action for common cause. Nevertheless the range of skills needed and the level of execution required, in combination, present a tricky prize.  

With over a decade at the intersection of digital innovation and networked public participation, I support my clients to successfully navigate that terrain and achieve their goals. My recent work has ranged from crowdfunding 22 million trees with #TeamTrees and the largest YouTube creator collaboration ever, to passing historic statewide anti-corruption laws, to projecting a visualization of 100% renewable energy onto the Eiffel Tower during the Paris Climate Talks. 

Other stuff that lights me up? Golden Age hip-hop. Wilderness rambles. Bubbles with toddlers. And the much-hated glory of Manchester United.

I’m a campaign and product manager, a facilitative leader, and a full-stack activist. No matter the labels, if you have an ambitious, meaningful opportunity to create change, get in touch and let’s explore what partnership could look like.

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